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    Georgia Goslee, JD, CPTS; Baltimore, MD

    “As a counselor of Sports Law, having been certified by ACSM and NSCA, I conduct seminars for health club owners, fitness instructors and personal trainers on how to insulate themselves from and reduce their exposure to lawsuits.  In order for certifications to be defensible, candidates must be held to rigorous standards in both written and practical testing. Therefore, the students having gone through this ACSM & NSCA preparation program are the most legally defensible trainers on the market today.”

    Yamile Marrero Trehy, JD, CSCS, CPTS; Hollywood, FL

    “As a practicing Florida attorney for the past seventeen years and now a Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS) as well as an NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), I commend Fitness Institute for its professional and thorough presentation of the technical subject matter that comprises the principles of exercise science.  Furthermore, not withstanding my former academic training, I found Fitness Institute’s courses and examinations to be rigorous and challenging. Finally, based on my independent research in the exercise science arena and available certifications for personal trainers and/or strength & conditioning specialists, I concur with former alumna and fellow lawyer Ms. Georgia Goslee that: the CPTS students are undoubtedly the most legally defensible trainers on the market today.

    Robert Watine, MD (Internal Medicine), CSCS; CPTS; Weston, FL

    “As a physician, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Abbott’s professional presentation of technical subject matter.  He has a unique ability to make the science of exercise understandable to the lay person and applicable to the fitness instructor.  Unfortunately, personal trainers who practice without this kind of thorough education and practical training are a potential threat to the public.”

    Mary Ellen Clark, MA, CPTS, Olympian; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “As a two-time Olympic medalist with a master’s degree in physical education, I still found the Institute’s courses to be academically challenging.  More importantly, I found them to be practically useful.  The substantial hands-on experience in the areas of fitness testing and strength training allow me to bridge theory with real-life practice.  This has helped me to provide my clients with safe and effective programs that fulfill their individual needs.”

    Wolfgang Schmidt, CPTS, Olympian; Berlin, Germany

    As a former Olympic Silver Medalist and world record holder in the discus as well as one degreed in physical education, I thought I understood the science of exercise. However, upon the advice of others, I decided to enroll in the Institute’s program for personal trainers as this was a profession I wished to pursue. What an eye-opening experience! I found the program not only extremely challenging but also the perfect solution to acquiring the academic knowledge and practical skills needed to be a truly qualified professional trainer.

    Michael Ashley, ‘Mr. Universe’, CPTS; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “As a competitive bodybuilder and professional personal trainer, I never really understood the muscular system until taking the Institute’s courses which repeatedly challenged me.  This knowledge of testing, training and nutrition has not only allowed me to be more effective with my clients but also has given me a new found pride in my world title which was achieved without steroids.”

    Juan Carlos Santana,  M.Ed., CSCS, CPTS; Boca Raton, FL

    My completion of the Institute’s personal trainer program jumpstarted my career. Whether just being introduced to the fitness field or a graduate of a degree program in exercise science, I can think of no better way to couple credible academics with practical training than through this 360 hour program. We are proud to have CPTS graduates among our staff at the Institute of Human Performance.

    Donna Michaels, ’96 Valedictorian, CPTS; Ely, MN

    “As a personal trainer, I cannot begin to express my appreciation for Fitness Institute and what it has meant to my business.  I am grateful for the knowledge and skills which have enabled me to truly become a ‘certified professional’ in this day of self-appointed fitness experts and weekend certification workshops.”

    Eva Arnold, ’98 Valedictorian, CPTS; Munich, Germany

    “The Fitness Institute provided me with the most thorough education for which I could have wished.  The courses equipped me with a comprehensive and excellent knowledge base, and the hands-on practical work gave me the tools to very safely and effectively train my clients.  I was most impressed by the Institute’s commitment and dedication to uncompromising standards.”

    Charles E. Stewart, MD (Orthopedics); CPTS; Boca Raton, FL

    “Dr. Abbott did an excellent job of presenting a tremendous amount of material in a very concise and engaging fashion.  It had been a long time since I had been exposed to many of these concepts, and I appreciated the way in which he enlightened the class about this technical subject matter while also invigorating us.  I shall continue to pursue this interest in fitness not only personally but with my patients as well.”

    Pamela A. Bogner, MS, MBA, CSCS, CPTS, Valparaiso, IN

    “Dr. Abbott – your knowledge, experience and teaching skills motivated me to further my education in the fitness field.  I hope you enjoy the picture (cap &gown), for you were the person who inspired me to get my masters in exercise physiology.  Thanks for being so good at what you do! ”

    Bonnie Stein, M.Ed, CPTS; Atlanta, GA

    “Dr. Abbott, I know I’ve expressed my gratitude to you previously; however, I hope you realize just how much I feel I owe my love of this new-found profession to you.  You taught me the valuable lesson of imparting the educational information along with the physical component.  I am confident that this is the reason why I have been able to be successful.  Any of your students could do the same thing.  I’m glad I was lucky enough to have you as a mentor.  Thanks! ”

    Pat Keen, CPTS; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “Dr. Abbott – seldom are we blessed enough to have someone make a profound and positive difference in our direction through life.  I’d like to take the time to let you know that you have had such an impact on my life.  You have made what I always thought of as a job, a profession, and one in which I can take great pride.  You are truly a consummate professional and a role model for all who choose fitness as a career or a way of life.”

    Davide Ulivieri, CPTS; Milan, Italy

    “As a former Fitness Instructor for the Italian Special Forces, I always thought of myself as a very well informed trainer; however, while in Rome at the Officers Academy, one of the instructors told me of Fitness Institute and its unique program which would challenge my trainer’s capabilities.  Sitting through Dr. Abbott’s lectures and practical training sessions was a real eye-opener; how little did I know!  Completing the courses provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills to blossom from a rugged Army Instructor, insensitive to the safety needs of his trainees, to a qualified Personal Trainer concerned with the overall well-being of his clientele.”

    Anthony Auriemmo, CSCS, CPTS; Marquette, MI

    “After graduating from college, I had a strong desire to pursue a career in the fitness field; however, I lacked the proper education, skills and, therefore, the confidence to proceed.  The Fitness Institute training courses were the perfect solution to this problem; for when I finished the program, I was more than well prepared to work as a personal trainer as well as pass the prestigious NSCA exam for Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

    David Challice, CSCS, CPTS; Palm Coast, FL

    “As a golf pro, I wanted to also become a personal trainer so that I could train golfers in fitness related areas to improve their game. The one catch was that as a college graduate, I did not want to go back to school nor did I want to take a quickie, fly-by-night course. I am so glad that I came across your brochure one day because the five classes you offered far exceeded all of my expectations of what a personal trainer should know as well as should be. Throughout my life, I have studied and exercised, but never have I had to study in the way that you taught us nor learned how to exercise with such effectiveness. I never thought the classes could be so tough and never knew how much knowledge we would receive from them. However, I now appreciate the demanding nature of your curriculum. Again, thanks for all you have done for me and for the fitness industry. As you often said, I can truly feel confident knowing that I am not only certified but truly QUALIFIED!!!!

    Kenneth Kronberg, MD (Pediatrics), CPTS; Coral Springs, FL

    “Dr. Abbott – thank you for being an excellent teacher and motivator.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course lectures as well as becoming familiar with all the fitness testing and strength & conditioning equipment.  I guess sweating bullets during the practical exams was a positive learning experience; however, I hope never to go through that kind of stress again.  Needless to say, your courses more than prepared me for the American College of Sports Medicine certification exam.”

    Eija Saadetdin, CPTS; Helsinki, Finland

    “The series of courses have been excellent and, without a doubt, the most interesting and comprehensive educational experience that I have ever had.  I have gained an abundance of new information as well as a renewed sense of confidence and tranquility both personally and professionally.”

    Tami Poortman, CPTS, Lakewood, CO

    “Fitness Institute was the turning point for me and my career in the fitness field.  The program represents, by far, the most comprehensive, in-depth training available.  I have benefited more from the Institute than from any other training I have had before or since and cannot image that there is a better program anywhere. Fitness Institute has made a great impact on my career and life, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have been able to avail myself of the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Abbott.”

    Dominic Bowser, CPTS, London, England

    “The six months I spent in Florida were excellent, especially when I think of the weather in England.  The courses have changed my life because now I can do what I love doing and do it with the knowledge, ability and confidence of a true professional.”

    Roy Alterwein, MD, (Obstetrics & Gynecology), CPTS; Coral Springs, FL

    “Added to my medical background, Fitness Institute courses have been the icing on the cake.  These courses have given me direction and helped change my life. Although the public may not realize it yet, the personal fitness trainers, which Fitness Institute turns out, are at the forefront of the healthcare and fitness industry.”

    Fatma Guindi, Cairo, Egypt

    “I regret that I was unable to remain in Florida long enough to take all the courses.  Yet your “Exercise Science Foundations” course provided me with a solid knowledge base enabling me to do extremely well with a number of shorter courses that I have since taken.  However, I must say that none of them could compare to yours which was superior in every respect.”

    Scott Laurence, PhD, CPTS; Lake Worth, FL

    “I am very proud and happy to be an ACSM Health Fitness Instructor, an accomplishment which I owe to you and Fitness Institute.  In addition to the new knowledge and skills which I will pass on to my patients, there has been a dramatic effect upon my own health and fitness.  In short, this past year has been a remarkable and positive one for me.  I can’t thank you enough for these courses! ”

    Robert Heller, EdD, (Sports Psychologist), Boca Raton, FL

    “Dr. Abbott, I very much enjoyed your lectures and found them interesting and useful to me personally as well as professionally.  I appreciate the Institute’s policy to come back and review the class free of charge, an opportunity of which I will take advantage.”

    Veronica Gorham, CPTS, Wakefield, MA

    “If one wishes to attain superior knowledge in the field of exercise science, Fitness Institute is the school to attend; for Dr. Abbott delivers not only the necessary academic instruction but also the important hands-on practice needed for today’s growing fitness field.  The major part of my successful personal training business I owe to the knowledge and experience acquired at Fitness Institute.  The first four courses more than prepared me for the ACSM and NSCA certification exams.”

    Morgan Delattre, CPTS, Scarborough, ME

    “When I enrolled in your first course over five years ago, I had absolutely no background in the medical/exercise science fields.  Upon completion of the courses, I successfully passed three national certification exams.  I feel the knowledge obtained in your classes was the most comprehensive coverage of this industry that I have experienced thus far (and I have attended lots of seminars and conventions).  My only regret is that living in Maine I have not been able to take advantage of your liberal policy of retaking classes free of charge.  Thank you for giving me a fulfilling career!”

    Loren Simpson, PA-C, MPH, CPTS; Miami, FL

    “I thank you for all the motivation you have given me.  Your fitness classes and instruction have played a significant role in my career today.  While sitting through your courses and becoming certified by ACSM, I became fascinated with physiology which led me to pursue the Physician Assistant Program as well as my Masters in Public Health.  You have been a major inspiration to me.”

    Sofia Manolesco-Schnitzer; Boca Raton, FL

    “Dr. Abbott, your first course showed me how much fitness instructors don’t know and why the Strength & Conditioning Specialist course was so important.  Your mission is to protect the public from those who ‘don’t know’ and for that I must thank you.  I would also like to thank you for the ‘heart’ you put into your teachings.  It is a wonderful thing to see a professor who cares about his craft and about making a difference in order to better the world.”

    Deborah L. Rose, CPTS; Lake Worth, FL

    “I enjoyed your professionalism and the dignified manner in which you taught, as well as the impartiality and fairness that you have shown to all of us.  Each course was excellent and will remain with me.  Thank you for your kindness and consideration; you are truly appreciated and highly regarded.”

    Kate A. Asbury; CPTS; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “I must say, Dr. Abbott, that your commitment to your students and your personal accomplishments inspired me not just to finish the first course, but to go on to the next and the next.  Your influence has not only made me a more educated trainer, but a more ethical one.  I am looking forward to continuing my education as well as to helping other people reach their goals.  I just got the results back – I am now a certified ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor.”

    Ellen B. Todd, CPTS; West Palm Beach, FL

    “You probably don’t get thank you notes often enough for being such a great teacher, but I feel you deserve one from me.  As much as I hated the interruption in my work day or home life, I valued the information you had to give me.  I feel much more professional as a trainer and thanks to you, I am being paid more as well.  You are an inspiration, and I feel lucky there is someone whom I can call to get advice.”

    Arthur S. Irving III, CPTS;  Miami, FL

    I just wish to express my appreciation for your example of professionalism and instructional competency.  It is obvious to me that passion and consideration for others is the driving force of your organization.  I have learned much more than what was offered through your incredible fitness education as I was additionally exposed to a standard of integrity beyond my expectations; and for this example, I will be ever grateful.  Again, thank you for the ultimate learning experience.

    Emile T. Hadad, CPTS; Tel Aviv, Israel

    I am writing at this time to express my deepest appreciation for all the knowledge I gained by attending your courses.  My business is growing at a rate that I never would have expected.  My day begins at 6:00AM and typically does not end until 9:00PM, with little time for lunch or personal breaks.  I have to attribute much of my success to the curriculum developed and maintained by Fitness Institute.  While my company has always done well, I was able to take my personal training to a new level as a result of being a student at your school.

    Scott M. Corley, CPTS; Jupiter, FL

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your prestigious program.  The dedication that you have to providing researched, reliable and practical information is highly commendable.  I feel this has been the most valuable learning experience of my life.  Additionally, I would like to commend you for the quality of your staff, all of whom are professionals who have provided alternate perspectives that are invaluable to the total experience that is Fitness Institute International.

    Terrance A. Joel, CPTS; San Francisco, CA

    It took awhile, but thanks to the wonderful education I received at your Institute, I am being recognized as one of the finest trainers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately, I find myself regularly shaking my head when I see trainers, who haven’t received your strict educational standards, putting clients through questionable exercises. Believe me it’s a great feeling to be approached by members while other trainers are scrambling to try to get clients.

    Richard A. Schuck, CPTS; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    I would like to express my total satisfaction with my decision to attend the Fitness Institute’s specialized education, training and certification programs. Over the years I have attended five different colleges; however, I feel that the Institute’s curriculum, method of presentation and level of professionalism is among the best in the education field. You have created the highest standards within the fitness industry, a higher standard to which the fitness industry should aspire.

    Erik Johnson, ACSM-HFI, NSCA-CSCS, CPTS, Viera, FL
    Kennedy Space Center Fitness Professional

    The rigorous process of earning the CPTS credential was invaluable to my seeking practical experience in the health/fitness field and has made the greatest contribution to my professional development, even more so than the two years of upper division coursework that I completed at the University of Florida’s College of Health & Human Performance. Thank you again for your dedication to all the aspiring personal trainers, passionate about being the best of the best. Your continuous efforts to educate people similar to me, have established a higher level of respect and appreciation for our profession. I am forever indebted to you and the team that make Fitness Institute International, Inc. the great organization that it is.

    Robert Shrigley, CPTS; Ocala, FL

    I cannot thank you and your program enough for the confidence it has given me in teaching health and fitness to others. When people have questions, I have answers and can back them up with research papers if necessary. My only regret is that I was unable to take the Special Populations course, as that would have been a huge asset in this area with the demographics such as it is. I am constantly trying to improve my knowledge and skills in the fitness arena, and am happy to have had such a solid foundation on which to build.

    Heidi Marer, CPTS; Dania Beach, FL

    It is hard to believe that 3 years have passed since I received my CPTS! I wanted to thank you and Jayne for providing such a valuable education. I am currently the Health and Wellness Coach for the American Maritime Officers in Dania Beach, Florida. I work with our Wellness Department assisting our members to meet the U.S. Coast Guard Medical Guidelines.

    Lorraine Fann, MEd,  CPTS; Lauderdale By The Sea, FL

    Just a little note to let you know that among all of the teachers that I have had in my life (and God knows there have been many), you are the absolute best! I have truly enjoyed being one of your students and have benefited tremendously from your knowledge and expertise.

    Lindsay & Kerry Eve, CPTSs; Deerfield Beach, FL

    We want to thank you for the education that you made available to us. Your high standards and challenging courses have opened up new paths for us to follow in life. We take pride in saying that we completed your curriculum in exercise, fitness and what are proving to be life’s lessons. Your assistant instructors, whom you entrust to share your goals in the betterment of an industry that is sorely in need, are unique, dynamic and , like yourself, committed to excellence.

    Eric Henderson, CPTS, Atlanta, GA

    I just wanted to thank you for all your help when I was applying for Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs. I was accepted to and started at Emory University in Atlanta and do not think that I could have made it without all your assistance. Your courses have definitely helped prepare me for some of my classes, especially practical exams in basic measurements and interventions. I truly value my experience gained from Fitness Institute and just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help.

    Mirta Yanez, CPTS, Miami Beach, FL

    Thank you for all the knowledge you gave me and for being such a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed all the classes and hope that I make you proud of me. You make such a difference in the lives you touch.

    Doug Rotondi, CPTS, Merrimack, NH

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my deepest gratitude to you for the most enjoyable year and a half of education that has changed my entire life. I am truly blessed to have met such Godly and self-sacrificing people like you. You are extremely helpful and go out of your way for students to ensure that they get the most from your educational program. Your knowledge base is beyond anything I have ever heard and has taken my business up several levels since I first started. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and for dedicating yourselves to an educational program based on character and integrity. It is very refreshing!

    Carol Medina, CPTS, Plantation, FL

    I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the great instruction that I received from each of the courses that I took. The material that I learned from you has been useful, helpful and satisfying not just in my career as a fitness professional but also in various aspects of my life. Whenever possible or an opportunity arises, I recommend your program to those pursuing a “real”, as I like to call it, education in fitness.

    Christopher Poppe, CPTS, Delray Beach, FL

    Dr. Abbott possesses a wealth of knowledge and a vast experience in the field of exercise science coupled with a passion for the subject along with a passion for teaching. This becomes very apparent the first time you step foot into one of his classes most of which have both a theoretical and a practical component. Courses are designed to enable students to constantly practice and experience through hands-on training what is taught in classroom.

    Denzil Pieters, CPTS, Boca Raton, FL

    As a tennis pro, I wanted to become more familiar with the principles of exercise science and how they could relate to safety in my sport as well as how they could improve one’s game. Thank you for the superb courses and the knowledge which I may now apply to enhancing my effectiveness as a tennis instructor. All your classes inspire and motivate one to aspire to greatness. It was truly a privilege to be involved with you and the institute.

    Henry Miller, CPTS, Highlands, NC

    It’s almost 16 years since I began my journey with Fitness Institute. So many people’s lives through the years have been changed and many saved through the ripple effect of your dedication to real science and education. I am proud to have taken what you taught me to others. The numerous students that you have trained are out there changing lives too! Thanks for allowing me to be part of this legacy.

    Paola Penta, CPTS, Lima, Peru

    I am so happy to finish my journey with such a great teacher and respectable educator. I wish all the educators had the same talent, passion and patience to teach and share with their students.

    Jeffrey Segal, CSCS, CPTS, Delray Beach, FL

    I am being kept very busy and changing lives locally as well as nationally. Last week, I was in California for some lectures. While I was there, I made time to train a country singer who also has MS. She is getting ready for her new album release photo shoot and reached out to me for help achieving her fitness goals. Again, I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge and skills I learned from you. I have no idea where my career would be if I had not attended your classes.

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